We would love to have your help to share your passion for Latin America and its culture, as well as, be a platform for you to pursue your dreams, improve your resume, or just make friends for life!

Volunteers help GCLER maintain its programs by lending a variety of skills and services. Volunteers are needed year!

You can also make a difference by getting involved in our fundraising events. If you have fundraising ideas get in touch; we can make them possible and fun!

Decorations and Hospitality Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • All party activities (refreshments, entertainment)
  • Information packets and tours
  • Potluck dinners
  • Decorations typifying the theme
  • Registration and name tags
  • Displays, photographs, etc.
  • Record keeping (numbers of participants, addresses, etc.)
  • Accommodations for guest instructors
  • Daycare

Publicity Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Design and distribution of posters and brochures
  • Distribution of news releases and photos
  • Distribution of update bulletins to folk dance groups (transportation costs, schedules, etc.)
  • Advance ticket sales
  • Identify festival photographer

Program Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Selecting instructors
  • Developing a general schedule of events
  • Putting together a dance program
  • Arranging for a Master of Ceremonies

Housing and Transportation Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Arranging transportation to and from airport, bus depot
  • Arranging for housing

Equipment and Facilities Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Locating sites for instruction, parties, exhibitions
  • Lining up and testing appropriate sound systems and backup for the festival
  • Arranging for props, such as screen, maps, chalk, slide projector, etc.
  • Organizing clean up

Exhibitions Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Sending invitations to groups for exhibitions including festival theme, location, kind of exhibition requested
  • Following up on information about facilities, dressing rooms, rehearsal time(s), lighting, and sound.

If you would like to be a part of GCLER please e-mail us the following information at: info@gcler.org

I can volunteer to assist in the following activities (optional)

Committees: ___
Craft and sewing:___
Other: ___

For volunteers who are minors, please fill out the following information:

Date of birth:_______ Grade:_______
Parents name:_______________ Mother’s or father’s cell phone:__________________
For scheduling purposes, what is the earliest time of day that you can practice?

Weekdays________________________ Saturdays______________________





We do our best in scheduling to considering everyone’s availability; however, we hope you understand it is impossible to completely accommodate everyone.

Each committee chair should closely monitor the number of hours and dollars spent on the performance for grant application purposes.

Thank-you notes should be sent to appropriate groups and individuals.

For more information call 585-329-9671 or e-mail info@gcler.org