Board of Directors

Evelyn D’Agostino, Founder & President

Evelyn D’Agostino is the President and Founder of Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester. She was born in Panama in the town of Arraiján. In 2006 Evelyn brought her drive and Passion to Western New York.

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I have seen how the beauty of art and dance help our community with a renewed spirit of hope, better able to handle the problems they face and bring families together. 
Evelyn D’Agostino

Sandra Easterly, Vice-president

Shirley Bittlingmaier, Artistic Director

Shirley Bittlingmaier is from Sincelejo, Colombia. At the age of five, Shirley began her interest in dance and poetry. Her mother inspired Shirley to pursue an adventurous life in theater.

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Erica Carreras, Secretary


Jason D’Agostino, Treasurer

Jorge Romero,  Director of Production

Lorena Mendoza, Youth Development Coordinator

Erica Durango & Juddy Gomez, Kids Development Coordinators

Lucy Romero, Adults Development Coordinator

Joel Carreras & Ricardo Mendoza, Volunteers Coordinators

Jose Acevedo, Music Coordinator