Artistic Director

Shirley Bittlingmaier
Artistic Director

Shirley Bittlingmaier is from Sincelejo, Colombia. At the age of five, Shirley began her interest in dance and poetry. Shirley’s mother supported her in her pursuit to become an artist.

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Her passion for dance & theatre and dedication to her studies led her to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Antonio Nariño de Bogotá.

Taking her interest in culture a step further, she began research projects related to dance. Her knowledge of the arts along with her ability to perform, afforded her the opportunity to serve as the director for the Municipal Dance School of Sincelejo. Shirley also served as co-director of the professional Folkloric Ballet for the Municipality of Sincelejo, earning several awards at a national level.

Shirley brings to folkloric dance, grace, musical focus, and quality of movement that connects with her unique vision of Latin-American dance. She has also studied ballet, contemporary dance, Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, and Flamenco.

Shirley currently serves as Artistic Director for Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester and Program Coordinator for Vive El Folklore in Gantt Recreation Center. She is also a dance instructor with the Borinquen Dance theater. Shirley is assisting with the development of the dance programs in the Rochester City schools at school #22 Eugenio Maria De Hostos. In this program, Borinquen Dance Theater promotes the physical development of its students by emphasizing the importance of making healthy choices and during classes, students learn skills for future success such as how to work effectively as a team and the need to develop goals.

Board of Directors 2018-2020

This organization is organized exclusively for charitable purposes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code. Therefore, no money raised or earned by the Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester, Inc may be distributed to its members or officers except for reasonable compensation for services rendered or to make payments in the furtherance of the purpose of the organization.

Indira Danner

Indira Danner moved to Rochester, NY at the age of 17 from Bogota, Colombia. She is originally from Puerto Carreño, Vichada. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a Master of Science in Professional Studies: Project management and Web Development at Rochester Institute of Technology.

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Knowing she wanted to stay locally near her family, she joined one of the largest companies in the area, Xerox Corporation. She has held multiple analyst and management roles in Human Resources and in Supply Chain. Currently, Indira works at Newtex Industries as a Senior Manager in the Supply Chain function.

In her free time, Indira enjoys volunteering in the community. She has volunteered with La Cumbre “The Summit” Latinos United for Progress in the Social Media & Technology role and with HAPA (Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement) at Xerox in the Social Media & Marketing committee. In addition, she has volunteered in the Laurelton Neighborhood Association in East Irondequoit in the Events and Planning Committee.

In her spare time, she loves to travel the world. She has been to Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey; she plans to eventually visit Australia, New Zealand, and go on a European trip staying at bed and breakfasts.

Henry Ignacio Padrón-Morales

Henry brings years of experience to our board. He is a kindergarten teacher in the Rochester City School District in the Dual Language program at James PB Duffy School 12.

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His board experiences include:

  • Genesee Ecumenical Ministries
  • Spanish Action Coalition
  • Puerto Rican Festival Inc.
  • National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights
  • Young Audiences
  • Action for A Better Community

He is a founding member of:

  • Spanish Action Coalition
  • Salmorejo Poetry and Percussion Ensemble
  • Puerto Rican Youth Development and Resource Center
  • National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights
  • Borinquen Dance
  • Rochester Latino Theatre Company

Henry participates in a broad range of activist, artistic, and intellectual pursuits. He is a published author whose work is archived in the Hunter College Center for Puerto Rican Studies. He teaches and is involved at Writers and Books. He has written, collaborated, and been published in poetry anthologies, academic subject matter focusing in early childhood education, and linguistic research.

I look forward to joining this amazing board and establishing the Centro Cultural Latino in our region as a source for the entire community to learn and grow.
-Henry Padron


Jazmin Ruiz
Events and Programs Director

Jazmin is a Toxicologist at Xerox.  She moved from Houston to Rochester, NY in 2016. Explaining where she is from is not a simple answer because she comes from a military family. She was born in Germany, grew up in Texas, and her family is from Colon, Panama.

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Jazmin is dedicated to giving back to the community no matter where she lives.  She currently volunteers for various local organizations around the city including the YWCA, Xerox Science Consultant Program, the City of Rochester’s Pillars of Hope, and the Rochester Latino Rotary Club.   Jazmin joined the GCLER board in 2018.

 Jazmin holds a doctorate degree in Environmental Toxicology and a Masters in Public Health.

Evelyn D’Agostino
Founder & Treasurer

Evelyn D’Agostino is the Founder & Treasurer of Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester. She was born in Panama in the town of Arraiján. In 2006 Evelyn brought her drive and Passion to Western New York.

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A graduate of the Catholic University Santa Maria La Antigua of Panama; Evelyn serves as one of the Xerox Corporation International Logistics Analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently,  she is a board member of HAPA (Hispanic association for professional advancement) at Xerox in the Rochester Chapter.

She has held many board positions with well established and accomplished organizations such as: UNICEF as a member of the Advisory Borad, Amnesty International, Rochester La Voz News Paper, and The Memorial Art Gallery  Latino and Hispanic Family Day Planning Committee. Ms. D’Agostino is a proud mother of two children, wife, and she is often seen as a mentor to others. Her dedication to the organizations she serves has not only inspired her audience but has managed to help create an awareness of the Latin America folklore while integrating the culture and diversity of others.

I have seen how the beauty of art and dance help our community with a renewed spirit of hope, better able to handle the problems they face and bring families together. 
Evelyn D’Agostino

Erica Carreras

Erica Alma Carreras founder member of Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester, Inc, originally from Rochester NY and proud of her “nuyorican” identity. Motherhood has been her greatest challenge and greatest blessing, she is a stay at home mom of four. Together with her husband Joel, who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, strive to keep those cultures relevant in their children’s lives.

Committees 2018-2020

Juddy Gomez
Fundraising Committee

Larissa Rosario
Events and Programs Committee

Melissa Bailey
Events and Programs Committee


Board of Directors 2013-2017

Evelyn D’Agostino,
Founder & President

Sandra Easterly,

Erica Carreras,

Jason D’Agostino,

Jorge Romero,
Director of Production

Committees 2013-2017

Lorena Mendoza,
Youth Development Coordinator

Erica Durango & Juddy Gomez,
Kids Development Coordinators

Lucy Romero,
Adults Development Coordinator

Joel Carreras & Ricardo Mendoza,
Volunteers Coordinators

Jose Acevedo,
Music Coordinator