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We would love…

…to have your help! Share your passion for volunteering while learning about Latin American folklore. Use this as a platform for you to pursue your dreams, improve your resume, or make friends for life!
Volunteers help GCLER maintain its programs by lending a variety of skills and services. Volunteers are needed all year round!

You can also make a difference by getting involved in our fundraising events. If you have fundraising ideas get in touch; we can make them possible and fun!

Become a Volunteer – Google Forms

1. Marketing and PR Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Designing and distributing posters and brochures
  • Creating and emailing news releases and photos
  • Identifying events photographer
  • Advance ticket sales

2. Events and Programs Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Help to develop the yearly programs of events and schedules
  • Aid in the selection of professional and skilled educators to meet objectives
  • Brainstorm future events and programs for execution

3. Transportation Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Arranging transportation to and from the airport
  • Arranging transportation to and from special events venue

4. Equipment and Facilities Committee, this committee is responsible for:

  • Locating potential sites for events and shows
  • Lining up and testing appropriate sound systems and backup for events
  • Arranging for props, such as: a screen, maps, chalk, projector, etc.
  • Organizing clean-up if required

If you would like to be a part of GCLER please e-mail us the following information at: or fill out our form

Become a Volunteer – Google Forms

I can volunteer to assist in the following committees (optional)

1. Marketing and PR Committee
2. Events and Programs Committee
3. Transportation Committee
4. Equipment and Facilities Committee

Volunteer contact information:

Phone Number:


For volunteers who are minors, please fill out the following information:

Date of birth:
School Grade:
Parents Names:
Mother’s or father’s Cell Phone:
Mother’s or father’s Email:

For scheduling purposes, what is the earliest or best time of day that you can volunteer?


We do our best in scheduling to consider everyone’s availability; however, we hope you understand it is impossible to completely accommodate everyone.

Each committee chair should closely monitor the number of hours and dollars spent on the performance for grant application purposes.

Thank-you notes should be sent to appropriate groups and individuals.

For more information call 585-329-9671 or e-mail