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Art and Culture Programs

Grupo Cultural Latinos En Rochester offers a range of workshops related to Latin American Folklore. All Workshops are free to our dancers and volunteers. In most cases, we will be making items to be used during our recitals/ performances. Please click on the calendar to view a full list of classes. The workshops are:

  • Bead Making Workshop
  • Carnival Headdress Workshop
  • Drumming/Dancing Workshop
  • Head Wrapping Workshop
  • Jewelry Making Workshop
  • Latin American Cuisine Workshop
  • Mask Making Workshop
  • Sewing Workshop
  • Stage Makeup Workshop

Panamanian Tembleques Workshop

Hair ornaments called tembleques are an important part of Panamanian traditional dress. Tembleque means trembling or shaking because they are made of very delicate and flexible materials which shake when the wearer makes any sort of movement while dancing or walking.

Past Panamanian Tembleques Workshops:

What: Panamanian Dance Class
Instructor: Evelyn D’AgostinoWhere: Fairport NY
Cost: Only for members registered
Contact: 585.329.9671 or

To arrange any of our workshops for your group or organization, please e-mail us at: